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You're In Good Hands!

Volea is a private jet travel agency offering on-demand charter flights at competitive rates. With more than ten years of experience in operating the aircraft, we're experts in delivering premium private jet journeys for discerning travellers. We offer all-in-one bespoke trip experiences for you to travel safe and privately. Our premium services range from private jet charters, helicopter transfers, hotels, chaffeurs, catering and much more. We make your travel wish come true.


The Aircraft

VOLEA operates one Pilatus PC-12NG. The aircraft is perfect for business, leisure and cargo flights all over Europe. In addition Volea can rely on the availability of selected and trusted partners' aircraft, in order to cater to all types of missions.


The Pilatus PC-12 is one of the most popular turbine-powered business aircraft on the market. Fast and versatile, it offers a level of comfort and luxury that can be found on larger business jets.


It can access over 3000 airports and small airfields in Europe, giving you a unique level of access for business or personal use.

A Travel Concierge at Your Service!

Volea holds the license of Travel Agency and is able to offer a complete travel package to its beloved clients. Below complete list of our additional services. 

Houses in Tauber Germany

Unique Stays

Need the perfect accommodation for your stay? Wether it's a hotel in a big city, a private villa at the seaside or a chalet near the ski slopes; we have the perfect array of proposals for you. Ask our travel concierge about the seasonal proposals

Driving Service

Experienced Chaffeurs

Connecting you to your final destination after your flight, is just as crucial as the flight itself. We work with a network of local chaffeurs that will professionally and safely take you to where you need to be.

Onboard Catering

Delicious Caterings

Why not enjoying a real meal with a view at 30.000 feet above ground? We can have your favorite cold dishes ready onboard for you to snack on, while flying through the clouds. Just so that you don't land hungry at destination.

A Direct Line for All Your Needs

Michele is your direct line with Volea Travel Concierge and will personally care for all your needs while flying and during the entirety of your trip. He's there for you!

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