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Quickly put in

Sometimes you gotta move fast. Volea carries your precious freight

Our PC-12 is a quick-change allounder and transforms from a charter plane to a cargo plane in almost no time. The cargo hatch of the PC-12 absorbs a whole range of cargo. 

Smaller cargo items such as skis, other sports equipment or aircraft engines  of course are no problem either. 

Volea enjoys helping you to travel with your pets. We have a long experience in making your pets feel comfy on board. Of course, our know-how does not stop after landing: we are familiar with animals and quarantine rules (e.g. dogs travelling to the UK).

Please ask us for details,  we are real animal lovers! 

Staying flexible

Business flight today, shopping tomorrow, cargo the day after. For the PC-12, it’s just a minor challenge. Flexibility is part of the equipment.

In almost no time at all, the luxury seats will make way for the cargo area. A clever sliding rail system facilitates rapid conversion.


Quickly booked, quickly done.


We know our maps.

Big and Wide

Special door at the PC-12

Freight for Future


Express yourself

We are as flexible as you need us to be