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We Ship It
For You & With You

Our PC-12 is a quick-change allounder and transforms from a charter plane to a cargo plane in almost no time. The cargo hatch of the PC-12 absorbs a whole range of cargo. Smaller cargo items such as skis, other sports equipment or aircraft engines  of course are no problem either. 


Volea enjoys helping you to travel with your pets. We have a long experience in making your pets feel comfy on board. Of course, our know-how does not stop after landing: we are familiar with animals and quarantine rules (e.g. dogs travelling to the UK).

Ask us for details.

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Bring It All

The Pilatus PC12 is fitted with a unique cargo door measuring 1.3M X 1.2M which makes loading cargo, golf equipment, ski equipment, baggage, and large pets easier, trouble free and fast. So either you are a traveller, a golfer, a snowboarder, an animal lover or you just like travelling heavy - we have you covered.

Cargo Capability


The Pilatus PC-12 is one of the most versatile business aircraft. It's cabin configuration can be switched to Combi, to allow room for both cargo and passenger seats. 


At Volea we are true pet lovers and we welcome all your four legged friends onboard! They are free to roam the cabin and relax at your side. With us you can also bring them into the UK effortless.


Fly With Your Precious Cargo

We know how important your personal belongings are and sometimes you just don't want to lose sight of them. Our cabin allows enough room for you to fly sitting right along side your beloved valuables. You'll be amazed by some of the things you can fit in this aircraft!

Hire Us As Support Aircraft!

Sometimes you just can't fit everything in your primary aircraft and need more space to hold your cargo or entourage. The versatility of our Pilatus PC-12NG makes it a perfect candidate for this role. 


Support Aircraft Role

Extensive stays around Europe could mean lots of luggage, lots of passengers, lots of toys and cargo that won't fit in your primary aircraft. We can follow your journey and give you that extra space needed to make your travel easier.


Short Field Capability

With the ability to take-off and land from runways as short as 700 meters, our aircraft can follow your journey and position itself closer to your final destination. This will make the loading and unloading of your belongings, a walk in the park.


Yacht Support

Moving your sailors, guests and cargo to and from your yacht sometimes can be a challenge. Some of the islands or seaside locations in the Mediterranean are not always easy to reach. Let us be your private shuttle. 

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