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Aircraft Search Tool

Instant Aircraft Quote

Do it yourself!

Just input routing, dates and number of passengers and explore the dozens of aircrafts available for your trip, and at what price.

Prices displayed are an estimate of the category indicated.

To receive a more accurate and precise quotation don't hesitate to contact us!


Charter With Us

Wether it's with our aircraft or with our partner's fleet, at Volea we are ready to offer a solution for every type of mission. Our team will be happy to tailor your next trip to make it fit perfect!

If you wish to check for flight prices without being bothered, help yourself with our Aircraft Search Tool here below.


Your Private Jet Travel Agency

Volea, besides operating a Pilatus PC-12NG under Airlink's license, is also an air charter travel agency specialized in the contracting and management of charter flights worldwide. Our service consists of interpreting the needs of those who do not want to depend on the routes and schedules of regular flights and who wish to arrange charter flights as an alternative, advising them on the choice of aircraft and operators who will provide the transport, contracting the service, and providing assistance throughout the process.

Private jets for a business or leisure trip, commercial jets for incentive travel or tourist package... Our portfolio of clients includes private individuals, companies and tour operators who require exclusive personalized treatment with the guarantees of reliability, efficiency and quality that have characterised Volea's service since 2020. We place our experience, our quality, independence and versatility at your service. 

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